(Video) UFC fans roast tiktoker that thinks she can cancel Sean Strickland’s UFC 297 main event

In a bold move, TikToker Rachel Gilmore attempted to rally support for canceling the UFC 297 main event featuring Sean Strickland, responding to his controversial comments targeting the LGBTQ community.

While her video gained viral traction, UFC fans remain unswayed, asserting the sport’s resilience against cancellation attempts.

Gilmore’s video, garnering over 4 million views in a day, conveyed her displeasure with Strickland’s remarks, branding him a “human thumb” for his derogatory comments.

The TikToker urged viewers to take action as the UFC event at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto approached, questioning the lack of consequences for Strickland.

Strickland, known for his provocative statements, faced criticism after MMA journalist Alexander Lee confronted him about past anti-LGBTQ comments. Despite the uproar, UFC fans on social media swiftly dismissed Gilmore’s campaign, emphasizing the sport’s history of overcoming cancelation attempts.

Reacting to the TikTok initiative, fans ridiculed the idea that a social media platform could influence a major UFC event. Many highlighted the UFC’s resilience, tracing back to the ’90s, and downplayed the impact of cancel culture on the sport.

The dismissive responses echoed sentiments that the MMA community operates uniquely, deterring outsiders like Gilmore from attempting to influence its trajectory.

UFC enthusiasts predicted the familiar post-fight scenario: Dana White addressing media inquiries about Strickland’s comments, asserting the promotion’s stance on free speech, and swiftly moving past the controversy.

As UFC fans mockingly questioned Gilmore’s understanding of the MMA world, the consensus was clear – the TikTok attempt to interfere with a UFC pay-per-view event was perceived as futile.

The prevailing sentiment reiterated the MMA community’s resilience, signaling that cancel culture struggles to impact the UFC and its stars.