(Video) UFC fan gets his leg destroyed by a calf kick from Masvidal

MMA star Jorge Masvidal recently took fan interaction to a new level, showcasing his devastating leg kicks. Unlike the usual sparring sessions, Masvidal didn’t engage in a full-blown spar.

Upon the fan’s request, Masvidal delivered a forceful leg kick to the fan’s lead leg. The fan crumpled in pain. He ended up responding with a middle finger, much to Masvidal’s amusement.

This intriguing incident swiftly became viral online, with the video gaining traction on YouTube and spreading across Twitter. The fan’s unexpected response sparked a wave of reactions in the comments section, providing a mix of amusement and concern.

One fan was bewildered by the audacity of the untrained fan. He commented: “Leg kicks hurt like a b*tch, why would you ask for this?”

Echoing the sentiment about the pain, another viewer found a silver lining in the situation. He said: “Ha. Broke his leg but he will have a story”

Contrary to the amusement, some commenters foresaw regret in the fan’s near future. A fan stated: “He’s gonna regret that tomorrow”

Similar sentiments resonated among other comments. One fan said: “He’s gonna feel that in the morning”

Masvidal has currently shifted his focus to the boxing ring. He withdrew his retirement announcement from MMA on April 8, 2023.

Masvidal had previously retired after a lackluster performance against Gilbert Burns. It was his fourth straight defeat, and he believed that he was beyond the point where he could match the best in the welterweight class as age caught up to him. Since he was disturbed due to retiring by a loss, he again came back to competition to retire on better terms.

In his boxing comeback aspirations, Masvidal identifies two potential opponents. He eyes a rematch with Nate Diaz, his previous UFC adversary for the BMF title. The second option is Chael Sonnen, with whom Masvidal has a longstanding feud which is fueled by past comments.

Nate Diaz is currently a free agent and may compete with Masvidal in the future. On the flip side, Chael Sonnen is now a retired podcaster and analyst. He remains an unlikely opponent due to his retirement from combat sports in 2019.