(Video) UFC champion Jon Jones heaps praise towards Andrew Tate despite serious charges

Currently on a trip of Australia, Jon Jones arrived at the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs’ home field.

The renowned UFC champion took part in an in-class performance training session. Not only did he share invaluable knowledge, but he also engaged in spirited moments with the rugby players. A video also became viral on social media which showcased Jones’ rugby tackle skills.

During an interview amid the event, Jon Jones didn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts on the controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate and his combat sports prowess. Jones said that he saw some of Tate’s training clips, commending his solid skills. However, he made it clear that he hadn’t witnessed any of Tate’s competitive bouts.

Despite this, Jon Jones admired Tate for his commitment to sharing knowledge and his impact as an individual.

Jones said: “I’ve seen some of his training videos, I haven’t seen too much of his actual work, but he looks pretty solid. He looks solid. I’m just proud of the person that he is trying to be, just for human beings…He’s trying to help men, and women think outside the box and expand on all of our knowledge and I’m grateful for that because not a lot of people do.”

Andrew Tate is a polarizing figure with a history of being canceled by social media platforms. He faces a lot of criticism for his controversial opinions. Despite this, Jon Jones found appreciation for Tate’s previous achievements as a world-class kickboxer with multiple world championships.

After a prolonged absence, Jon Jones made a triumphant return to the heavyweight division. He defeated Ciryl Gane to win the title last year. However, his anticipated bout against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 was halted due to an unfortunate training injury. This led to Jones withdrawing from the competition.

Currently undergoing recovery after surgery, Jon Jones is determined to return to the octagon soon.

Jon Jones has three daughters with longtime fiance.