Mike Tyson admits he feels ‘s*** and sore’ ahead of Jake Paul Boxing Match

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is gearing up for a return to the ring, but he’s not shying away from admitting the toll it’s taking on his body. As he prepares to face off against Jake Paul, the 57-year-old has opened up about feeling “s***” and “sore.” He has also hinted at potential future comeback bouts beyond this highly anticipated match.

Tyson and Paul met in a recent press conference held in New York. Despite warnings against his return, Tyson has been actively sharing glimpses of his training camp, showcasing the grueling process he’s undergoing.

Tyson didn’t hold back when describing the physical toll of his preparations. He bluntly stated: “My body is s*** right now. I am sore.”

When implied that the former heavyweight was playing the possum, Tyson replied: “I wish.”

Tyson was asked for a response to those who urged him not to enter the ring again. Tyson remained defiant and asserted: “I think the people who say that wish they were up here. Because no one else can do this. No one else can shut the sporting world down.”

While focused on his upcoming bout with Paul, Tyson hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future match. When asked about the prospect of more comeback matches, he hinted: “This feels like it’s going to be pretty fun so maybe we’ll do it again… let me take care of Jake first.”

Despite the intensity of their upcoming match, Tyson maintains a cordial relationship with Paul. While acknowledging their friendship outside the ring, Tyson emphasized the seriousness of their upcoming match.

He stated: “We’re friends, there’s no doubt. But in the ring, we’re not going to be friends. I really like Jake but he’s going to have to fight like his life is on the line because it is.”

Tyson’s return to the ring is set to be a spectacle, with his match against Paul officially sanctioned as a professional bout. Taking place at AT&T Stadium, the event will feature other notable matchups. This includes Katie Taylor’s rematch with Amanda Serrano.