(Video) Two on two Siamese kickboxing match devolves into chaos

 In an unconventional clash that can only be described as a unique fusion of entertainment and combat, Bank & Golf faced off against Phuket High in a Siamese Kickboxing bout that defied expectations.

Round 1: Right from the start, it was evident that this was no ordinary contest. Phuket High, comprising two individuals from the local dispensary, squared off against Bank & Golf, a duo known for their exploits on YouTube. Describing the action as chaotic would be an understatement. The combatants wasted no time in engaging each other, throwing punches with abandon. What was particularly intriguing was their use of a t-shirt as an improvised distraction object, akin to a net. Amidst the melee, it became a challenge to determine a clear winner in this round, as they seemed to be targeting anything that moved.

Round 2: Between rounds, Golf took a swing at Bank, setting the tone for another frenzied exchange. Notably, Golf was dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, a stark contrast to traditional combat attire. Despite his unconventional attire, he managed to land a solid right hand. The brevity of the 90-second rounds meant that there was no holding back, and it was difficult to declare a decisive winner for this round as well.

Round 3: As the bout progressed into the final round, the chaos continued to reign supreme. Bank found himself caught in the middle, absorbing punches from both the Phuket High fighters and his own partner. Amidst the pandemonium, it was evident that precision and technique were taking a backseat to sheer mayhem. Although the stoners from Phuket High were far from landing clean shots, they managed to deliver a few solid blows amid the madness.

Final Result: In the end, it was Bank & Golf who emerged victorious, securing a decision win over Phuket High. While the outcome may not have been as clear-cut as in traditional martial arts contests, the unorthodox nature of this Siamese Kickboxing match left a lasting impression, highlighting the unpredictability and diverse forms of combat sports that continue to captivate audiences worldwide.