(Video) Tsarukyan on punching fan for taunting him during walkout: “I’m from Russia. Don’t do that”

While UFC 300 lived up to the hype, but there was also an unusual event. Arman Tsarukyan is generally known for his stoic nature. However, he recently was recently caught up in a social media maelstrom.

A peculiar incident unfolded during his walkout to face Charles Oliveira, leaving the MMA community abuzz with discussions.

As Tsarukyan made his way to the octagon, a fan’s provocative behavior seemingly crossed the line. It ended up provoking a reaction from the usually calm Armenian contender.

Video evidence captured Tsarukyan momentarily retaliating. He ended up throwing a punch in response to the fan’s taunts, before being swiftly escorted away by a Nevada State Athletic Commission official.

Despite the commotion before the match, Tsarukyan showcased remarkable composure once the match started. He delivered a commendable performance against seasoned veteran Charles Oliveira.

Although the incident stirred mixed reactions among MMA enthusiasts, Tsarukyan remained unfazed, demonstrating his skills in the competitive lightweight division.

The clip rapidly went viral on social media, eliciting differing views from the MMA world.

A few supporters praised Tsarukyan’s vehement reaction and supported his conduct. Some denounced his behavior as unprofessional. Some fans expressed their opinion that he ought to have held off on showing his rage at the supporter until after the bout in the ring.

Here are a few responses from fans of the sport:

“Arman getting a TKO before the fight even started 😭”

“Yo wtf i missed this. Bruh catching bodies like that…”

“Boy about that life

Love to see it tbh, people be acting out of pocket sometimes”

He had enough with charels fan girls”

The incident was a reminder that fight night feelings might sometimes flare up among contenders. As the dust settles, speculation abounds regarding the implications for Tsarukyan’s career and the measures officials may implement to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Arman was asked about it at the presser and he replied:

 “I’m from Russia. Don’t do that, please. Or I’m going to go to prison in the U.S.”

Dana White on Arman Tsarukyan punching a fan in the crowd: “Yeah, you might not one to hang over the things and grab people when they’re walking out. “