(Video) Topuria’s old knockouts and sparring sessions go viral

Renowned featherweight champion Ilia Topuria engaged in a gripping boxing sparring session, showcasing his prowess by dropping his opponent.

Ilia Topuria, a rising star in the sporting arena, has garnered acclaim since his debut in 2015. Known for his versatile skills and aggressive fighting style melding boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the 27-year-old has steadily climbed the ranks.

Following an undefeated streak and claiming the Cage Warriors championship, Topuria transitioned to the UFC in 2020, garnering global recognition. Victorious against formidable adversaries, he secured a title shot, culminating in a showdown against Alexander Volkanovski for the featherweight championship. Their clash headlined UFC 298 on February 17 in Anaheim, California.

In a gripping encounter, Topuria emerged triumphant, delivering a devastating knockout blow to Volkanovski in the second round, securing the UFC featherweight championship.

Recently, a resurfaced video captured an intense sparring session preceding his bout against Josh Emmett in June of the previous year. The footage depicted ‘El Matador’ engaging in rigorous training, demonstrating his adeptness in both striking and grappling, ultimately dropping his sparring partner.

Additionally, the video showcased Topuria pitting his skills against a professional boxer in a boxing ring, adhering to boxing rules. Donning protective gear, both athletes engaged in a fiercely competitive exchange of powerful blows, elevating the intensity of the session.

With his latest triumph, Topuria ascended to the summit of the UFC featherweight division, maintaining an unblemished record of 15 wins. As he prepares to defend his title against formidable challengers, Topuria eyes a return to the octagon in October or November. Despite his recent championship accolade, he also harbors ambitions for boxing, aiming to engage in one or two bouts against esteemed pugilists in the future.