(Video) Titan FC star breaks fastest KO record amid fake glove touch speculation

At Titan FC 83, history was made as 26-year-old Luiz Hernandes set a seemingly unbeatable record for the new fastest KO in MMA. The Brazilian wasted no time in his bout against Brian Topp, securing a KO win in just two seconds.

As soon as the bell rang, Hernandes charged forward with a fierce head kick that left Topp planting, prompting the referee to intervene and stop the bout. While the official time was announced as a one-second stoppage, there have been some doubts and debates regarding the actual duration of the KO.

MMA website Tapology challenged the one-second claim and timed the KO at 3.5 seconds from the referee signaling the start to the referee stepping in to end it. Despite the discrepancy, there’s no denying that Hernandes’ KO was an incredible feat in itself.

With this victory, Luiz Hernandes maintains his undefeated MMA record, now standing at 3-0. His previous wins were against Nolan Legg via first-round TKO and Christopher Lavant via first-round submission.

In terms of rankings, Tapology places Hernandes at 215 among active pro-middleweights in the United States and the 432nd ranked middleweight in the country. Additionally, he holds the 29th spot among pro-middleweights in Florida.

While Hernandes’ two-second KO at Titan FC 83 set a remarkable record, the title for the fastest KO in the UFC remains with Jorge Masvidal. In 2019, Masvidal achieved a jaw-dropping victory over Ben Askren in just 5 seconds.

At UFC 239, Masvidal wasted no time and launched a flying knee that connected with Askren’s head, rendering him unconscious. The stunning knockout instantly made Masvidal a high-profile fighter in the promotion and propelled his career to new heights.

Jorge Masvidal’s fastest KO has become iconic and is featured in numerous UFC promotional videos. Although his career came to a close after a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, ‘Gamebred’ has left an indelible mark on the sport.