(Video) That time Mike Tyson trolled an interviewer by claiming to only eat raw meat

In an unforgettable interview, boxing legend Mike Tyson left a journalist stunned by claiming to only eat raw meat. The 57-year-old boxing icon’s unusual dietary claim sparked both confusion and amusement, leaving fans and critics alike wondering if the former champion was pulling off the ultimate troll job.

The exchange began with the interviewer complimenting Tyson on his remarkable physical condition, to which the boxing legend responded, “Raw meat. Seriously, Mike, you’re eating raw meat?” Tyson’s deadpan response sent the conversation into uncharted territory.

When pressed for clarification, Tyson elaborated, “I might have to eat it now because my opponent’s gonna be raw meat. That’s right. That’s the same, you know.” The boxer’s cryptic comments left the interviewer bewildered, prompting a flurry of follow-up questions.

Tyson’s unusual dietary claims sparked a flurry of speculation, with many fans and nutritionists alike questioning the feasibility and safety of a raw meat-only diet. While Tyson’s assertions were likely an exercise in humor and showmanship, they did raise eyebrows about the potential health implications of such an extreme diet.

Throughout the interview, Tyson’s responses were laced with his signature wit and philosophical musings. When asked about his mental preparation for upcoming bouts, he mused, “Scary is beauty. Yeah. It depends on how much you’re scared as to how beautiful it may be.” The boxing legend’s responses often veered into the abstract, adding to the surreal nature of the interview.

Tyson’s troll job did more than just raise eyebrows; it sparked a wider conversation about the role of nutrition in athletic performance. While a raw meat-only diet might be extreme, the importance of a balanced diet in maintaining peak physical condition cannot be overstated.

In the end, it remains unclear whether Tyson’s claims were genuine or merely a clever ruse to entertain and provoke. One thing is certain, however: the boxing legend’s unorthodox dietary assertions will be remembered as one of the most memorable and entertaining interviews in recent memory.

As the boxing legend once said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”