(Video) Tai Chi Master makes his ‘forcefield’ repel bystander visibly jumping backwards

In the world of martial arts, where discipline and skill are highly regarded, there are occasional instances that leave spectators amazed and perplexed. Recently, a video of an old tai chi “master” showcasing mind-blowing yet ridiculous techniques has gone viral, attracting both awe and criticism.

Martial arts, in their true essence, have been practiced for centuries and offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits. From self-defense to improved cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility, martial arts training is renowned for its positive impact on overall physical fitness.

However, not all martial arts practices are created equal. There are instances where certain individuals claim extraordinary abilities that defy logic and reason. Ironically, some of these pseudo-martial arts demonstrations originated from China, a country rich in authentic and respected martial arts styles.

The video in question features an elderly man, who appears to be an ordinary elder in casual attire, sitting calmly on a chair. As the demonstration begins, a man approaches him and attempts to grab his shoulders. In a surprising twist, the man is effortlessly thrown off as if an invisible force repels him. This mesmerizing act is repeated multiple times, with additional participants failing to withstand the old man’s power.

The surrounding bystanders watch in awe, capturing the spectacle on their phone cameras. It is important to note that the old man’s display is nothing more than an illusion. In recent years, China has witnessed a rise in what is commonly referred to as “pseudo-martial arts” – practices and demonstrations that claim to harness superhuman abilities, such as manipulating opponents using inner strength or Qi, without physical contact.

These pseudo-martial arts demonstrations attract attention due to their seemingly supernatural nature. Regrettably, some individuals fall victim to the deception, genuinely believing in the authenticity of these extraordinary abilities. Unscrupulous martial arts schools often exploit these beliefs to attract students, providing false demonstrations to entice them into joining their ranks.

It is essential to distinguish between genuine martial arts practices rooted in tradition, discipline, and physical skill, and these pseudo-martial arts performances that rely on deception and trickery. The world of martial arts offers a vast array of legitimate and respected styles that have stood the test of time and continue to inspire and challenge practitioners worldwide.

As the video of the fake tai chi master circulates on social media platforms, it serves as a reminder to exercise critical thinking and discernment. While the spectacle may be entertaining, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction and appreciate martial arts for their genuine contributions to personal growth, physical well-being, and self-defense.