(Video) Saudi Arabia goalkeeper lands a flying knee on unsuspecting teammate during odds defying win over Argentina

it’s not every day we’re talking about the competence Saudi Arabia displays in football.

In a surprising showcase, Saudi Arabia secured a victory over Argentina after they succesfully defended a 2-1 lead they got earlier on.

And while football isn’t exactly riveting for combat sports fans – there was a peculiar moment that made us do a double take.

Saudi Arabia’s Goalkeeper Mogammad Alowais caught a team-mate Yasser Al-Shahrani with a vicious flying knee – and landed it right on his nose.

The huge collision caused an upheaval at the event. The goalie was very concerned for his teammate and urged medics to rush in and intervene.

And unlike your typical UFC athlete, he was really distraught over what had transpired even dropping to his knees.

Of course football is all about theatrics however considering it was a team mate there’s no reason to question if the concern was genuine.

Clip of the incident quickly started making rounds on twitter.

There was a delay in the game as medics looked over the Saudi Arabian defender who appeared dazed. There was blood spurting from his nose.

The collision happened five minutes into eight of additional stoppage time so it was dramatic in terms of time as well.

Arentinian fans were distraught – which is understandable considering they had three goals disallowed for offside.

Arabia’s odds were +2700 heading into the event which made it all the more surprising they won.

The incident happened just one day after a similar collision led to a ten-minute delay during England’s clash with Iran.

Alireza Beiranvand initially continued in the match however he collapsed again some minutes later and had to be substituted. He was taken off the pitch in a stretcher.