(Video) Ryan Garcia’s corner gives him the talk of a lifetime in between rounds during Haney event

Coach Derrick James proved to be the driving force behind Ryan Garcia’s thrilling victory. The corner man’s intense guidance and unwavering support were instrumental in securing Garcia’s win, with many praising James’ expertise and dedication.

According to the recording of cornerwork, James was heard urging Garcia on, issuing a flurry of instructions between rounds. The transcript of their exchange reveals the intensity of James’ coaching style, as he implores Garcia to “not let him off the hook!” and “take his clothes, but don’t let him off the hook!” The passion and conviction in James’ voice are palpable, as he refuses to let Garcia give up an inch.

James’ impact was evident from the opening bell, as Garcia came out swinging with renewed confidence and aggression. It was clear that James had instilled in Garcia a sense of determination and focus, which paid dividends as the bout wore on.

The final tally saw Garcia emerge victorious, much to the delight of the crowd and his corner team. James’ tireless efforts had paid off, as Garcia secured a hard-fought win that will undoubtedly propel him up the rankings.

When asked about James’ contribution to his success, Garcia was effusive in his praise.

The victory is expected to earn Garcia a significant payday, with estimates suggesting he will take home upwards of $12 million USD. For James, the win is a testament to his skills as a corner man and his ability to bring out the best in his boxers.

As the boxing world looks ahead to Garcia’s next bout, one thing is clear: Derrick James will be right there in his corner, urging him on and refusing to let him settle for anything less than victory.

In the end, it was James’ unyielding passion and dedication that made all the difference, as he refused to let Garcia lose that .”