(Video) Ryan Garcia lashes out at Dillon Danis, agrees to MMA clash

In a surprising turn of events during Ryan Garcia’s Instagram Live session on Thursday, Dillon Danis made an unexpected appearance. This ignited a heated rivalry between the two.

Due to this newfound beef with Ryan Garcia, Danis gave Garcia’s ex-wife Andrea Celina the Nina Agdal treatment.

Following the Instagram Live, Danis swiftly took to Twitter. He shared a video of Celina showcasing her dance moves.

This move by Danis echoes his previous tactics against Nina Agdal in the lead-up to his defeat against Logan Paul. Garcia wasted no time reminding Danis of his past actions.

In response to Danis’s actions of commenting on his IG Live, 25-year-old Garcia dismissed Danis as a mere attention-seeker. He claimed that Danis craved the spotlight after depleting his earnings from the bout against Logan Paul.

In a tweet, Garcia labeled Danis a clown and warned him that he had provoked the wrong adversary.

In defiance of Garcia’s warning, Danis made a tweet along with a video of Celina dancing. He wrote: “You poked the wrong bear, Ryan Garcia.”



Also, a screenshot was released showing both Garcia and Danis beefing against each other. In that, Danis can be seen threatening Garcia to not provoke him. Ryan then says that he is ready for the challenge and does not mind standing up to Danis.

Adding a layer of complexity to the story, Garcia and Celina recently welcomed their child into the world. However, the two announced their divorce shortly after.

Despite the separation, it seems like Garcia is undoubtedly displeased by this public display by Danis. On the other hand, Danis seems unapologetic about mocking Celina.

Post his defeat to Logan Paul, Danis parted ways with Bellator and shifted his focus to PFL. He is also eyeing a potential transition to the UFC. However, the prospects for this move seem uncertain at the moment.