(Video) Russian Promotion Stages Dwarf Fight in Attempt To Get Publicity

Viral sensation Hasbulla Magomedov has taken the internet by storm earlier this year. The Dagestani born Hasbulla has over 2 million followers on instagram. His celebrity status was only boosted by his presence at UFC 267 where he was present to cheer on fellow Dagestani Islam Makhachev.

There were even rumors he would be fighting in the UFC against his sworn enemy Abdu Rozik. However the Magomedov family was against this and the formal offer never came. But a Russian promotion jumped on the excitement and decided to stage their own show and feature two fighters with dwarwism competing against each other in mixed martial arts.

The promotion in question is Pop MMA and has staged other questionable mismatches.

This time promotion featured Ivan Zotov aka Mini Hulk against Alexander Petrosyan.

In an emerging trend the fight is available to be seen in its entirety on the promotion’s youtube channel.