(Video) Romanian slap competition ends with competitor smacked out of his boots

Slap competition has been around for a few years, but it has become more and more notorious since last year.

However, some people believe that slap competition is too dangerous and shouldn’t be unregulated, as competitors have to stand still while taking a vicious hit, unlike other combat sports where athletes are able to defend themselves from the hits.

Despite the controversy, slap competition has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms.

This inspired UFC president Dana White to launch his own slap promotion called the Power Slap League earlier this year. However, his new business venture isn’t doing so well because his take on competition isn’t really enjoyable to watch for a long duration.

But one of the biggest slap competition promotions based in Romania, called RFX, is still pretty active. This is the promotion that had one of its competitors get his face absolutely lop sided last year. Sonin Comsa survived 10 rounds of slaps and won the RXF heavyweight title.

In the same promotion, another intense match happened during the recent RXF Slap 2 event. A man got sent to the canvas after eating a major right-hand slap from his opponent. Blood could be seen flowing out of his nose.

He was struggling to stand back up to the point that even his opponent had to help him. The man eventually got back on his feet, but he seemed severely affected. He had not regained his full consciousness and could barely stand. Seeing this, the referee halted the match and announced his opponent as the winner.

Aside from this match, the event also featured a booty-slapping contest. This is much like a normal slapping contest, except the hitting target is the butt cheeks. The participants, who are hot models, would take turns slapping each other on the bum.