(Video) Robert F Kennedy Jr goes viral after lifting shirtless at an outdoor gym

Robert F Kennedy Jr has generated a lot of publicity around his 2024 presidential bid.

Now he has become the talk of Twitter with a shirtless picture and a video showcasing his remarkable physical fitness.

The public is in awe of Kennedy’s great shape, especially considering that he is almost 70 years old. The viral image and video have sparked admiration, discussions, and even some controversies on social media.

One Twitter user couldn’t contain their astonishment and declared, “RFK Jr is probably the most jacked presidential candidate we’ve ever had.”

This sentiment echoes the sentiments of many individuals who are impressed by Kennedy’s dedication to physical fitness.

However, some users took the opportunity to make political jabs, comparing Kennedy to current US President Joe Biden. One tweet scoffed at the notion that Kennedy had no chance against “senile Joe,” challenging the media’s narrative.

The age factor also surfaced in the Twitter discussions, with one user questioning the fitness levels of both Biden and former President Donald Trump.

According to this perspective, both politicians were deemed physically unfit for office. However, RFK Jr. was held in high regard alongside Florida Governor DeSantis, as they were seen as candidates who would likely live through their full term based on life expectancy.

While Kennedy’s physical condition garnered praise from many, others sought to associate his stance on vaccines with his body shape. A Twitter user went so far as to refer to RFK Jr. as a “living, breathing anti-vaccine ad,” suggesting that his good health was a result of avoiding public health measures. This viewpoint sparked a conversation around the anti-vaccine movement and prompted individuals to question the motivations behind their choices.

Additionally, a Twitter user posted a picture comparing Kennedy’s physique with that of Dr. Hotez, with whom Kennedy had recently engaged in a war of words regarding vaccines. The tweet asked, “Who looks healthier?” and highlighted the ages of both individuals, inciting further speculation and debate.

However, not all comments were positive, as some individuals took a shot at Kennedy for his anti-vaccine stance while also accusing him of using PEDs. One Twitter user sarcastically remarked, “So RFK Jr. apparently loves needles just not ones with life-extending medicine.” These critical voices attempted to cast doubt on the authenticity of Kennedy’s fitness achievements.

Nevertheless, defenders of Kennedy pointed out that, as an environmental lawyer, he likely takes exceptional care with regard to his lifestyle choices. They emphasized the significance of healthy eating and exercise in achieving and maintaining a well-toned physique. Speculation also arose about the use of TRT to enhance Kennedy’s physical capabilities, although such claims remain unsubstantiated.

Despite the differing opinions and debates, there is no denying the attention that Kennedy’s physique has garnered on Twitter.

The combination of his age and impressive shape has captured the public’s curiosity, fueling conversations on various topics, including politics, vaccines, and personal fitness. As Kennedy’s presidential campaign progresses, his remarkable physical condition continues to be a subject of intrigue and discussion among Twitter users.