(Video) Presser in Japan interrupted when athlete charged opponent with a chair

We’re used to seeing eccentric press conferences out of Eastern Europe but we’re not used to seeing them happen in Japan. Traditionally stoic and respectful market of martial arts in Japan seemed to have caught on to the latest trend of causing a scene at the face offs.

The promoters learned this the hard way after an athlete charged at his opponent while carrying a chair in hand. He ended up hurling said chair at opponent while security struggled to get a handle on the situation.

The said scene took place at Breaking Down promotion. This promotion was founded by Asakura brothers. If the names sound familiar that might be because an Asakura was the last mixed martial artist to challenge Floyd Mayweather.

And also Kai Asakura has a funny youtube channel where he often does stunts such as lecturing pedestrians about littering.

He gained over half a million subscribers in under a year. This is likely thanks to his excellent sense of humor – as exhibited in the video he shared.

The promotion has a big event set to happen tomorrow. This will be the sixth card for the promotion. Despite all that all of their promotional material is in Japanese and as such very difficult to understand. Hopefully the fans get a welcome resolution for this unpredictable dispute.

This kind of incident is certainly more common in PopMMA and especially in promotions that rely on stunts to sell an event.

Previously a press conference for the Hardcore FC promotion ahad a violent kick that upstaged the event. Tamerlan Temirov couldn’t control his temper and ended up sucker punching Alexander Yanshin during the face off.

Temirov was upset – according to his account he had beaten Yanshin when the two trained together. Yanshin could not bare being disrespected like that – he sprinted towards Temirow and threw a flying kick that threw Yanshin across the studio.

At this point the security jumped in – while wearing balaklavas. The security seemed disorganized and were in no rush to end the conflict. The whole spectacle can be viewed below:

To follow up the epic moment – many fighters kept trying to outshine but one that actually might’ve managed to succeed is this young gentlemen that landed a flying knee flush on his opponent’s forehead.

Victim of the brutal knee-hit then got up and punched one of the security guys who had protected him – obviously still suffering from the knee.

Names of the fighters were not released, but they’re rumored to be the Belarusian duo Mikhail Yanovich and Nikita Khorunzhiy.