(Video) PowerSlapper thinks he’s a martial artist, gets reality checked by Sean Strickland

Stepping into the ring with Sean Strickland for a friendly spar is a decision one might soon regret. Coltin Cole from PowerSlap learned this firsthand in a recent encounter with the UFC middleweight champion.

The incident took place in a recent episode of PowerSlap: Road to the Title. To Cole’s credit, he acknowledged that he had some amateur combat experience when questioned by Strickland.

It was unfortunate because Strickland didn’t give Cole much of a break in the brawl. However, he hasn’t been easy during sparring with anybody.

While it was just another day for Strickland, Cole soon realized the harsh reality as he felt a painful lump forming over his ribs. He noticed a sore lump growing over his ribcage soon after the workout. Whether Cole’s rib was fractured or not is still unknown. But even when he sneezed, he was clearly in discomfort and had difficulty moving.

Looking beyond the intense sparring session, Sean Strickland gears up for a significant moment in his career. His upcoming match at UFC 297 will take place on January 20, 2024. This will mark his first title defense against Dricus Du Plessis. Should Du Plessis emerge victorious, he would not only secure the title but also etch his name in history as the first UFC champion from South Africa. If he wins, his remarkable winning streak will increase to to nine (20-2).

The press conference at UFC 297 was quite a controversial statement, as he said a number of things during his interview.

He called out Irish rising star Ian Garry and talked about his relationship with his wife. He said: “The c*ck, does he really want to fight me? What a f****** c***. Ian Garry is such a f****** c**t. When you guys interview him, do you ever ask him what are you going to do when she’s 60 and you’re 40? Are you allowed to f*** other women? God, I hate that f****** guy. I hate that f****** guy so much.”

Garry previously said that he would be moving up to middleweight to compete against Sean Strickland for allegedly insulting his wife.