(Video) Pop boxing star gets shoulder popped back into place during bout

A dislocated shoulder can be a highly painful and distressing experience. The severity of the pain can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the dislocation, the individual’s pain tolerance, and the presence of any associated injuries.

When a shoulder becomes dislocated, it means that the upper arm bone (humerus) has popped out of its socket (glenoid). This can lead to intense pain, as the joint is not in its normal anatomical position. The pain is often described as sharp, intense, and debilitating.

In addition to the immediate pain, a dislocated shoulder can also cause muscle spasms, swelling, and limited range of motion. Movements or attempts to use the affected arm may exacerbate the pain. The surrounding tissues and ligaments may also become stretched or torn during the dislocation, further contributing to the discomfort.

But every now and then we get a martial artist who is comfortable just getting it popped back into place on the spot in hopes of continuing the bout.

Nomad FC is a Kazahstani promotion that does boxing in MMA gloves, in an MMA cage.

Just recently Nomad FC hosted a bout between Emil Novruzov and Eduardo Castro – and sadly this happened during.

Castro’s shoulder popped back in visibly in the video and he was able to continue. The unfortunate incident happened during the final minute of round one. Despite Castro’s willingness to continue, the ref wasn’t having it and called a stop to the action awarding the victory to Emil Novruzov.

Incident has gone viral on social media accruing more than 8 million views.

This incident reminds us a remarkable display of sportsmanship in Germany.

Wroblewski unleashed a powerful haymaker with his right hand. Unfortunately, the force behind the blow resulted in the dislocation of his left shoulder. As the officials paused the fight to assess Wroblewski’s ability to continue, Tschapelia swiftly rushed to his side, determined to aid his opponent.

Unlike Castro, Wroblewski was able to continue but ended up losing still.

Interestingly, this incident is not an isolated occurrence within the combat sports realm. In a previous Muay Thai bout, another competitor faced a similar ordeal, displaying remarkable resilience in the face of injury.

During a Muay Thai matchup between Maha Fadili and Petchsaifah, the latter encountered a dislodged and loose shoulder after missing two consecutive shots with her right hand/elbow.

Remarkably, with her arm popped out of its socket, she managed to reset it just in time, before the count concluded.

The resilience and fortitude she displayed in that moment were truly commendable, capturing the essence of the indomitable spirit found within combat sports.

Recently, TJ Dillashaw suffered a similar fate in the UFC. Dillashaw was successful in popping the shoulder back in once in between rounds but after the second dislocation he was just cruising and hoping to survive.

Aljamain Sterling emerged victorious from the bout.