(Video) TJ Dillashaw pops shoulder in between rounds 1 and 2 only to have it fall out again

TJ Dillashaw is incredible. Early on in round one it became apparent he was struggling with an injury but he was unwilling to give up.

He recovered through Round 1 and managed to defend the back. As soon as he got back to his feet it became apparent it was his shoulder that was bothering him. It had fallen out of socket. Considering he’s already undergone surgery on it it’s quite likely he re tore the labrum.

IN between rounds 1 and 2 his team managed to massage the shoulder back into place.

Dillashaw started round 2 – as game as they come and even threw some good shots with his good arm.

Dillashaw disclosed afterwards that this was a recurring injury in camp and had happened around 20 times. In fact, he even warned the ref ahead of time to not stop the bout if it were to happen.

Dillashaw was finished in round 2 after his shoulder popped out again and wouldn’t go back into place this time.