(Video) Fighter Helps Opponent With A Dislocated Shoulder Mid Fight

A bizarre yet incredible moment happened during an MMA fight in Germany between Arkadiusz Wroblewski and Paata Tschapelia. Tschapelia showed what sportsmanship really means when he successfully reset Wroblewski’s dislocated shoulder during their fight.

At the start of the match, Wroblewski delivered a big haymaker with his right hand. Unfortunately, the injury occurred just then and he dislocated his left shoulder. The fight had to be paused as the officials tried to take a moment to try to figure out if Wroblewski can continue the fight or not. During that time, Tschapelia came running to his side and fixed Wroblewski’s left shoulder.

The crowd gave huge applause to Tschapelia after he helped his opponent. The two fighters then shook hands in gratitude and continued the fight.

Sadly for Wroblewski, a dislocated shoulder would still leave a lingering soreness even after it was popped back into place. The fight continued for a bit and Tschapelia managed to land a strike and won via technical knockout at 3:52 in the first round.

This isn’t the first time something like this occurred in the cage. Previously a Muay Thai fighter went to a similar ordeal.

Muay Thai is a very challenging martial art. For many of us who deal with injuries day in and out a day of no pain mostly just means we haven’t been training hard enough. One fascinating case of a fighter getting injured mid fight and persevering resurfaced recently.

In a Muay Thai match up between Maha Fadili and Petchsaifah – Petchsaifah had to overcome an injury live. Her shoulder became loose and dislodged after missing two consecutive shots with her right hand/elbow and connected the third attempt and got counted. She didn’t give up – quickly readjusted and did her best to stay in the fight.

Ultimately Maha Fadili triumphed with the punches and ended the fight with a body punch followed by hook to the head.