(Video) Pillow Fighting Championship Is Both Real & Hilarious

Yep, you heard it right… It’s a real fighting organization, except that you fight with pillows instead of…you know…fists.

This CTE-friendly fighting organization will have an event happening this weekend. Pillow Fighting Championship will hold its first pay-per-view event available on Fite TV.

The fighting championship has had even the presence of experienced professional fighters like former UFC fighters Markus Perez and Marcus Brimage.

Recently videos from the fights have emerged online and blown up on Twitter:

Here we see Crystal taking a note from Matt Serra’s book, on his title-winning performance against GSP.

Crystal, much like Serra, spent a good amount of time doing bodywork on her opponent. By constantly attacking the body and the legs, Crystal preconditioned her opponent to drop her guard with every blow. That allowed her to go upstairs and land a devastating pillow-head-shot that certainly earned her good points in the judge’s scorecards.

In this next clip, we see one of the best performances in Pillow Fight yet. Mariah Hall gives up considerable size and strength advantage to her opponent. But that doesn’t matter because Mariah’s precision striking is just too good for that to matter.

According to Conor Mcgregor: “Precision beats power, and timing beats speed”, and Mariah Hall certainly agrees.

In the clip, we see Hall on the outside just waiting for her opponent to open up, and when her opponent decides to go for a right-cross to the body, Mariah punishes her with a right-cross of her own upstairs.

If you’d like to check out more, check out their youtube channel:

The event is being mocked by many “hardcore” fans as a joke, but let me tell you.

If you’re one of those fans… just drop it… You’re not fooling anyone with that macho bravado. Just go and have some fun swinging pillows at other people.

We know you want to.

Jokes aside, UFC Veteran Marcus Brimage actually encourages novice fighters to try the sport. In his view, the sport is great for building ring experience.
In his view, pillow fighting can help a novice fighter not be as nervous stepping in a ring in front of an audience:

If you live near Florida and would like to sign up to become a Pillow Fighter, all you have to do is visit their website.

Plus you’d be able to tell all your friends you’re an experienced fighter that fought in the ring before, it’s a pretty good opportunity if you ask me.