(Video) Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling get into a backstage altercation after weigh ins

Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling are one of the hottest topics tied to UFC 273. Aljamain Sterling went through a whirlwind of emotions earlier yesterday during the weigh ins. Sterling went on to hunch over, cry and subsequently flex on the scales.

This is a very emotional bout for him – thanks to the fact that he became universally not liked following his DQ championship win at UFC 259.

Meanwhile Yan – who hails from Russia but denounces it’s current political predicament, appears to be the crowd favorite. This is all so jarring for Sterling that he even made racism claims towards the fans.

“There’s this thing that they used to say about black women. And I don’t want to make this thing about race, but they used to say black women can endure a lot more pain than others, so they would be treated differently. Why is that? So you’re saying that, me—and again, it’s not about race—but it makes me wonder, like, what about that situation for me makes it different for somebody else if they were to get hit with the same type of strike that it would affect them differently than it affects me? Meaning, it would affect them more and I’m less affected and that I pretended?” Sterling said.

The two even butted heads behind the scenes. The altercation has been posted online:

Perhaps Sterling should talk to 14 year UFC veteran Diego Sanchez who was ridiculed to death after his DQ win against Michele Pereira so much so he went on to claim the UFC had employed bots to thwart his career.