(Video) One of the craziest knockouts of the year: Flying switch kick KO by Levy Carriel

A spectacular moment unfolded during a recent mixed martial arts (MMA) match at the Bahrain-based MMA promotion BRAVE Combat Federation’s event, BRAVE CF 74. The event took place on September 7 at the H Arena in Nantes, France and delivered an exciting showcase of MMA action.

One of the most thrilling matches of the event featured a welterweight bout between Levy Carriel and Mathieu Rakotondrazanany. These relatively lesser-known fighters brought unexpected excitement to the opening match of the main card.

Despite their relatively low experience levels, both fighters displayed tremendous determination and clashed fiercely from the outset. They wasted no time in exchanging powerful strikes, creating an intense battle in the cage.

Throughout the fight, Carriel and Rakotondrazanany appeared evenly matched, making it difficult to determine who had the upper hand. Many fans anticipated a lengthy contest, but the fight was decided in the middle of the first round in a breathtaking fashion.

After a brief grappling exchange, both fighters returned to their feet, exercising caution while waiting for the right moment to attack. Rakotondrazanany attempted a powerful high kick, but Carriel expertly blocked it.

In a stunning turn of events, Carriel retaliated with a beautifully executed flying switch kick. He set up the kick perfectly, catching Rakotondrazanany by surprise. The kick landed squarely on Rakotondrazanany’s head, delivering an immediate knockout blow that left him sprawled on the canvas, unconscious.

Carriel attempted to follow up with ground-and-pound strikes, but the referee intervened just in time to protect Rakotondrazanany from further damage. The referee waved his hands, officially declaring Carriel the winner by first-round knockout.

With this victory, Levy Carriel maintained his undefeated record, having won all four of his matches by finishes. The video of this remarkable knockout quickly went viral on social media, with fans praising it as the best knockout of 2023.

The MMA community marveled at the technique and execution of the flying switch kick:

  • “On the rear side also, crazy.”
  • “That’s a UFC Undisputed 3 move.”
  • “That distance he cuts with that is mental.”