(Video) ONE FC star mounts incredible comeback after getting faceplanted, KOs opponent

The ONE Championship’s ONE FF 26 event at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok was nothing short of sensational. Among the unforgettable moments that left the crowd in awe was a remarkable comeback KO that had everyone on their feet.

As Asia’s premier martial arts promotion, ONE Championship has been making waves worldwide with its Amazon Prime Video broadcasts and successful debut in the United States. However, the true essence of the sport was on display during the weekly ONEFF events, featuring Muay Thai action with 4-ounce mixed martial arts gloves.

In the undercard of ONE FF  26, spectators witnessed a fierce featherweight Muay Thai clash between Mohammed Siasarani and Satanfah Sitsongpeenong. Just past the midway point of the first round, Sitsongpeenong delivered a devastating right hand that faceplanted his Iranian opponent, setting the stage for what seemed to be an inevitable victory.

However, Siasarani had other plans, proving that sometimes men can summon incredible resilience even in the face of adversity. After a brief moment of regaining composure, Siasarani bounced back with a stunning counter right hook as Satanfah attempted to finish.

The power-packed counter punch folded the Sitsongpeenong standout, leaving the audience in awe of the display of skill and determination. Seizing the moment, Siasarani quickly followed up with a relentless assault against the ring ropes, culminating in one of the most impressive comebacks and knockouts of the year.

The performance was nothing short of extraordinary, earning Siasarani a spot in the ONE FF highlight reel. It was a moment that epitomized the spirit of Muay Thai, showcasing the tenacity and heart of the men in the ring.

For many, this incredible comeback KO at ONE FF 26 will forever be etched in their memory, as it exemplifies the essence of the sport and the unexpected thrills it brings. As the event continues to captivate audiences, fans eagerly anticipate more extraordinary moments and unforgettable performances in the world of Muay Thai.