(Video) Odd moment Tony Ferguson brandishes knife in UFC press conference

UFC star Tony Ferguson pulled out a hunting knife during UFC 291 media day.

Tony Ferguson will return to the octagon this weekend at UFC 291. ‘El Cucuy’ will exchange blows with Bobby Green in the main card. Ahead of their match, Ferguson revealed that he has been an avid hunter since a young age. He loves to track down bears but doesn’t like killing them. He also explained a bit about his hunting experience.

“We are out there scouting bears. There was a bear that was around our camp. So I ended up deciding if I can go and track it down. So we found his water hole and we found everything else. I’m a hunter. You guys don’t realize that? I started hunting when I was little, but I just don’t like to kill sh*t. I like to track.” Ferguson said.

He added, “Bobby utilized this whole entire camp to be like a sniper. You got to find it in and out, and have your bought, and make sure you get the job done. I am out there doing my sh*t right now and very well-conditioned. So, if you don’t like what the f*ck I have to say, f*ck you.”

The interviewer asked him what weapon he carries if he is only tracking those bears. Upon answering the question, the 39-year-old whipped out a hunting knife and put it on the table.

“It’s blades and shades. I don’t f*ck around.” Ferguson said confidently.

Tony Ferguson was a promising athlete and many fans believed he was going to be a champion. The California native had a 12-win streak from 2013 to 2019. He climbed his way to the top and defeated many renowned names.

However, Ferguson has been experiencing a downfall in his professional MMA career since 2020. The fan-favorite athlete has 5 consecutive losses against Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira, Beneil Dariush, Michael Chandler, and lastly Nate Diaz at welterweight in September of last year.