(Video) NFL player gets kneed to the head prompting fans to compare to infamous UFC finish

In a recent football matchup, Jamal Adams found himself on the receiving end of a memorable knee to the head, leading to his temporary exit from the game.

The Seattle Seahawks faced off against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on Monday night, marking Jamal Adams’ highly anticipated return to the field after missing 20 games due to a quadriceps injury suffered in the previous season’s opener. His comeback was met with excitement, but it was short-lived.

During the game’s first possession, Adams encountered a harrowing moment when he attempted to bring down Daniel Jones. In his effort to tackle Jones, he lunged for the quarterback’s legs but misjudged the trajectory. As a result, Jones’ knee made direct contact with Adams’ helmet.

Following the impact, Jamal Adams remained prone on the ground for several seconds, clearly shaken by the incident. Seahawks trainers promptly assisted him to the medical tent for a concussion evaluation. Adams had to be sidelined for the game, and his frustration was evident as he left the tent, understandably disappointed considering this marked his comeback.

Subsequently, Adams made his way to the locker room after being officially ruled out. Reports indicated that he expressed his discontent on the sidelines. Coach Pete Carroll clarified that Adams had not sustained any severe injury but still had to be removed from the game. Fortunately, Adams is expected to make a full recovery and will be back in action for Week 6, where the Seahawks will face the Cincinnati Bengals.

Carroll stated, “He got kicked in the head, and so he misses this game, but the preparation to get him to this and then with the week coming off, he’s going to be fine, I’m sure, and then be back out there. So it’s just a little glitch right now.”

Remarkably, Adams’ absence did not significantly affect the team’s performance, as the Seattle Seahawks secured a convincing 24-3 victory in the game.


The incident involving the knee garnered significant attention on social media and even drew comparisons to knee knockouts witnessed in the UFC, including memorable moments such as Yoel Romero vs. Chris Weidman and Jorge Masvidal vs. Ben Askren.