(Video) NBA star Jamal Murray goes viral watching UFC 299 during his own press conference

UFC 299 emerged as a massive event in the world of mixed martial arts, delivering an unforgettable card that surpassed expectations.

The social media frenzy surrounding the event attests to its widespread fanfare, with enthusiasts and celebrities alike tuning in for the action. Even basketball sensation Jamal Murray found himself engrossed in the UFC 299 event. Fresh from a stellar 37-point performance leading the Denver Nuggets to victory against the Utah Jazz, Murray focused more on the MMA event over his own press conference.

Known for his avid interest in MMA, Jamal Murray shares a close bond with former featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. Having grappled with Volkanovski previously, Murray’s enthusiasm for the sport extends to attending UFC events.

Murray attended the news conference after the Nuggets’ victory over the Jazz. During the press conference, he was engrossed in his phone as he was watching UFC 299.

UFC CEO Dana White awarded a total of $350K in bonuses to deserving contenders. Competitors who secured finishes were rewarded with a substantial $50K bonus each. Even  Sean O’Malley and Benoit Saint-Denis received a bonus.

Sean O’Malley’s performance against Marlon Vera stood out as a highlight, with a spectacular display that secured victory across all five rounds. Notably, one judge even scored a dominant 10-8 in favor of O’Malley. In the co-main event, Dustin Poirier weathered an early storm to secure a knockout victory over Saint-Denis in the second round.

While Conor McGregor was notably absent from UFC 299, he was watching the event from a bar in New York. However, Murray immersed himself in watching the match during his post-game media interview.

A video capturing Jamal Murray avidly watching UFC 299 on his phone during the media interview quickly became viral on social media. Fans loved the footage as it was a compelling evidence of Murray’s unwavering passion for the sport. Some of the comments were as follows:

“This is amazing 😂 Jamal a true and genuine fan”

“him and volk are big homies he actually fw the sport”

“Jamal didn’t want to miss those UFC fights”