(Video) NBA legend boxes with Manny Pacquiao, calls out Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a rising star in the boxing world and has attracted the attention of NBA legend Dwight Howard. He is currently enlisting the help of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao to enhance his boxing skills.

When Jake Paul initially ventured into boxing, his opponents weren’t seasoned boxers but rather athletes from various sports trying their hand at boxing. In what turned out to be his first crossover match, Jake defeated former NBA player Nate Robinson by an amazing knockout.

Since that bout, Paul has engaged in more serious matchups. He has openly expressed his aspirations of winning a boxing world title and challenging pound-for-pound icons like Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Despite the shift towards more serious competition, Jake Paul’s matches still retain a crossover element. Several retired mixed martial artists have competed against him, and athletes from diverse sports continue to express their interest.

That includes former NBA player Dwight Howard, who tweeted videos of himself alongside boxing veteran Manny Pacquaio while he was getting some speed bag work done.

In one video, the former Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers center not only mentioned Jake by name but also hinted at being open to a match. Howard made a post on Twitter, captioning it “Dwight Howard vs Jake Paul” along with a boxing glove emoji.

In one video, Howard can be heard addressing Jake directly. He said: “Yeah Jake, yeah Jake, yeah Jake, I’m getting right Jake. I’m training here, me and Manny Pacquaio. Jake Paul, I’m coming for you baby, I’m coming, let’s go!”


Howard is an eight-time NBA All-Star who has been absent from the league since 2022, opting to play overseas. Currently he is affiliated with a team based in the Philippines, providing context to his collaboration with Pacquiao.

A match against Howard may not be on Jake’s immediate radar, given his focus on established boxers and an upcoming bout on March 2. However, the unpredictability of the boxing world leaves room for speculation.