(Video) Navy Seal calls out Sean Strickland after he Trashes Navy SEAL Training

In a previous video, UFC’s Sean Strickland made quite a bold statement. He asserted that MMA training surpasses the intensity of Navy SEAL training.

Strickland is known for his outspoken nature and didn’t mince words as he criticized Navy SEALs. He also challenged their ability to endure a week of training with him.

Confident in how hard his MMA training is, Strickland stated in his video: “I don’t think there’s one f—– Navy Seal who could survive a week training with me, I’m kind of sick of seeing it, cause you guys think you’re bad—, come train with me for a week, I’ll show you what’s up, I’ll f—– break you.”

Swiftly responding to Strickland’s provocative video, a Navy SEAL on Instagram countered Strickland’s claims. He shed light on the stark contrast between their worlds.

He stated: “Sean we get it, you’re a bad– bro, but check it out your training partners get millions of dollars and they actually live, my swim buddies, they die every single year. Do you have any idea what the means? We’ve already proven that any kind of beat down will not break us but our training will simply end your career Sean, I’m talking about skin grafts on the thighs Sean.”

“Your training is absolutely brutal man we get it, but your training doesn’t kill dudes every single year and that’s the world that we live in.”

Concluding the exchange, the Navy SEAL offered a piece of advice to Strickland. He asked him to stay within the Octagon and continue to compete for money while the SEALs would steadfastly battle for the freedom that allows such pursuits.

He said: “My best advice to you Sean is to stay in the Octagon and keep fighting for that next purse and us seals will keep fighting for your freedom.”