(Video) Muay thai competitor flies into Madagascar to square up with the Moraingy champion

Moraingy, also known as Moringue, is a captivating weaponless, bare-fisted striking style of traditional martial art with its roots tracing back to the Maroseranana dynasty of the Sakalava Kingdom along the western coast of Madagascar.

This ancient practice not only embodies the spirit of ancestral games but is deeply ingrained in Madagascar’s rich cultural heritage, thriving to this day.

Moraingy serves as a physical endeavor through which “kidabolahy,” or young boys, test their strength and physical prowess. It stands as a means by which they nurture their personalities and enhance their prestige. The allure lies in the inherent prerogatives and the overarching motivation to partake in this art form.

However, it’s important to note that Moraingy is played with a foundation of loyalty and mutual respect, fostering an environment “without resentment nor argument.”

Beyond the physical aspects, Moraingy plays a vital role in the cultural identity of the participants. It serves as a traditional form of physical education, imparting valuable life lessons. Young individuals learn to confront obstacles and tackle challenges independently, without relying on parental assistance. In essence, it acts as a school of life, cultivating a sense of belonging to a shared cultural identity and passing down cherished values.

At its core, the practice of Moraingy is centered on the concept of “fihavanana,” which brings together various village communities, forging bonds and strengthening their cohesion. For practitioners, it’s a manifestation of respect for oneself and others.

In terms of technique, a Moraingy fighter employs a combination of “punches” and occasional “kicks” to overcome their opponent. The artistry of Moraingy encompasses various punches, including:

Misto: Known for its straight punches.
Mandraoky: A style characterized by powerful hooks.
Vangofary: A punch delivered in a downward-slanting fashion.
Vangomioriky: Resembling the famous boxing move “the uppercut.”

Recently, an intriguing event unfolded when a Muay Thai enthusiast journeyed to Madagascar for a face-off with the Moraingy champion, Doudou Anjiabe. In an astonishing turn of events, Anjiabe showcased his prowess by securing a swift victory in less than a single round. The outcome was a testament to the sheer dynamism and potency that this niche martial art from Africa holds.