(Video) MMA star risks DQ for copying infamous Adesanya celebration after 48-second KO

In a stunning display of dominance, Akonne Wanliss secured a swift victory over Sahil Siraj at OKTAGON 56. The former str**per known for his association with UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Wanliss swiftly concluded the match in just 48 seconds at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham.

Wanliss showcased his dominance by incapacitating Siraj with a precise left hook, swiftly knocking him own. He then delivered two unnecessary follow-up shots before the referee intervened to halt the bout.

However, Wanliss’s celebration stirred controversy and raised eyebrows. Following his win, Wanliss opted for a provocative celebration.

Wanliss shouted at his opponent and directed explicit gestures by going behind him and showing a thrusting motion.

Wanliss’s behavior prompted intervention from the referee. He chose not to penalize Wanliss for imitating the theatrics of former UFC champion Israel Adesnaya after his victory over Paulo Costa.

The animosity between Wanliss and Siraj has been simmering for an extended period, contributing to the intensity of their showdown. Originally scheduled to clash in March, the anticipated bout was marred by an altercation instigated by individuals affiliated with Team Siraj.

A video showed former UFC contender Reza Madadi harassing and even headbutting the 8-2 Englishman. He ended up receiving a lifetime suspension from OKTAGON events.

Wanliss previously told talkSPORT MMA: “The fight was cancelled because his corner had no confidence in him and decided to literally gang up and rush me. It got rescheduled because I can’t not have this fight happen. I still want to go out there and do what I was saying. April 20, I get to unleash the force on Siraj. He will be KO’d in round one.”

Wanliss is now one step closer to becoming OKTAGON’s Tipsport Gamechanger welterweight champion and collecting a substantial portion of the €1 million prize fund.

Hopefully, there won’t be as much drama in his next bout.