(Video) MMA star refuses to let his car get stolen – gets taken along for high speed ride

MMA combatant Egor Kostyuchenko recently faced a horrifying carjacking incident that put his safety on the line. He was also taken on a fast ride after trying to retrieve his vehicle.

The Ukrainian is known for being the training partner of UFC welterweight contender Sean Brady. The incident transpired in broad daylight in Philadelphia on September 6. According to Brady, the 24-year-old Kostyuchenko was in the midst of delivering food for Uber Eats when he became the victim of a robbery, with reports suggesting he was even shot at.

Sean Brady took to Instagram to share the video of the carjacking with his followers. In his post, he expressed his concern, stating: “One of my main training partners from Ukraine was carjacked and shot at yesterday while delivering Uber eats.”

“This kid is 24 years old 4-0 and he’s working so hard to chase his dreams. Here in the United States for this to happen to him is devastating.

“We will be putting together a go fund me for him to try to help him out with everything he lost inside of his car.”

Kostyuchenko is seen hanging over the doors as the vehicle races away in a video of the incident that Sean Brady shared online. The Ukrainian was forced to let go of the doors while still trying to hang onto his automobile in order to prevent major harm.

Upon seeing the video, fans were quick to comment. One user emphasized the gravity of the situation, remarking: “Philly? Man… That’s dangerous AF and not worth your life.”

Another fan commented: “Iit’s just metal on wheels. Let it go, not worth it”

A third person advised: “Do you have car insurance that covers fire and theft? If the answer is yes, do not try and play Superman.”

In an effort to aid Kostyuchenko in recovering from this unfortunate incident, Sean Brady initiated a GoFundMe campaign. He included a link to a GoFundMe where fans are urged to donate in order to make up for the unfortunate financial loss Kostyuchenko suffered.

Kostyuchenko’s most recent victory in June 2022 was against Suntichai Sakchai, resulting in a submission win. This further solidified his undefeated record, which stands at an impressive 4-0.