(Video) MMA competitor wins decision after getting choked out in sequence that started with an illegal shot

A recent mixed martial arts match witnessed a truly extraordinary moment when a man was choked out, only for the match to be restarted due to the sequence starting with an illegal knee strike.

The incident took place during Budo Sento Championship’s BSC 15 event held in Veracruz, Mexico, on June 30, captivating combat sports enthusiasts with its unexpected twist.

In the highly anticipated flyweight bout between Jesus Guiterrez and Victor Nunez, the action heated up right from the start. Nunez, despite having limited experience, fearlessly engaged in a ferocious battle, leaving no stone unturned.

During the first round, Nunez managed to take Guiterrez down with a well-executed trip. Seizing the opportunity, Nunez swiftly charged towards his opponent, aiming to capitalize on the moment. However, an unfortunate mistake occurred. Nunez, in his haste, delivered a knee strike to Guiterrez’s head while the latter was grounded.

To the surprise of many, the referee did not immediately intervene, allowing Nunez to continue his assault on Guiterrez. As Nunez unleashed a barrage of punches, he swiftly transitioned to a rear-naked choke, forcing Guiterrez into a state of unconsciousness as he refused to tap out.

After a careful review, the organizing committee confirmed the knee strike as an illegal move. Consequently, they made the unprecedented decision to restart the match once Guiterrez regained consciousness. This turn of events surely brought disappointment to Nunez, who had prematurely celebrated his apparent victory.

What followed was nothing short of a remarkable comeback. Guiterrez, despite having been choked out moments ago, displayed incredible resilience and took control of the action until the final bell. Ultimately, he was declared the winner via unanimous decision, marking his third consecutive victory and improving his overall record to an impressive 8 wins and 2 losses. Meanwhile, Nunez’s record now stands at 2 wins and 3 losses following this unfortunate defeat.

Fans and pundits alike hailed Guiterrez’s incredible resilience as one of the standout comebacks of the year. This astonishing turn of events will be etched in the memories of spectators, showcasing the unpredictable nature of mixed martial arts and the indomitable spirit of its athletes.