(Video) Mixed martial artist licks cage to celebrate win

After winning in MMA, stars celebrate in different ways depending on their personality and the significance of the win.

Some may jump onto the cage and celebrate with their corner, while others may kneel down and pray. Some may also show off some dance moves or perform a backflip.

Many stars also take the opportunity to show their respect for their opponent. This can involve hugging or shaking hands with their opponent, or even bowing to each other as a sign of respect.

Justin Gathje famously does a backflip from the cage fence that has led to him even getting punished.

Another infamous celebration was Johnny Walker’s Worm dance during which he dislocated his own shoulder.

There are also some like Belal Muhammad and Khabib who kneel down and pray first.

But while all of these are understandable, what this mixed martial artist did raised quite a few eyebrows.

Eduardo Tejada was featured on the latest card of Fury FC. Tejada is an up and coming prospect who has 4 wins and no losses. He’s 32 years old, so he might be willing to go the extra mile for attention. He’s also a solid submission artist with 3 of his 4 wins coming by way of submission and all of his bouts ending in round 1.

He was matched with Brakenden Freeman. Freeman was 1-1 coming into the match up with all of his performances coming under the promotional banner of Fury FC.

Tejada’s latest performance was eerily similar. In the second half of round 2, he managed to set up a swift armbar and capitalize on Freeman’s mistake. While the armbar was swift and well done what came after nobody could’ve predicted.

Eduardo Tejada proceeded to lick the cage prior to giving Freeman a hug.
This is certainly one for the books – considering we’ve seen all kinds of celebrations in MMA from wannabe spidermans, to gymnastic feats and more.