(Video) McDojo master manhandles an entire team in Vietnam

In the realm of combat sports, this week has been nothing short of spectacular. There have been riveting boxing matches, significant shifts in the MMA landscape, and even some peculiar influencer showdowns.

To inject a dose of intrigue into the midweek routine, we will look into into the eccentricities of martial arts and combat sports. It will be fun to take a detour to Vietnam to uncover the antics of a dubious master.

Vietnam is a great country with a wonderful and inventive population. It has a rich and magnificent history that has thrived despite many of the hardships and conflicts brought on by the 20th century.

There are many different martial arts traditions that come with that background. The narrative we’re about to unravel today deviates from the conventional.

Picture this: When the person grabs your arm, simply make a tiny turn and do your hardest to throw him across the room.

In the YouTube video, you can take a look at how happy the man was to be picked for the demonstration and how unimpressed the men opposing the wall seem to be. Is everyone on board with the ruse or not? This creates some confusion.

One doesn’t require a degree in physics to discern the issue here. However, our faux master is determined to deliver a performance that will linger in your memory.

What intrigues the most is his nonchalance – a complete absence of exertion. To peddle dishonest martial arts to an impressionable audience is one thing, but to do so without investing an ounce of energy is quite another.

In a seamless transition, our protagonist shifts from being a fake master to a funk master, embracing the rhythm of the moment.

One would expect a performance, yet it all feels so lacklustre.


In the realm of martial arts, authenticity and dedication are paramount. What you’ve witnessed here is a stark departure from the essence of true mastery.