(Video) Masvidal heartbroken after the fight while his manager tries to cheer him up

Jorge Masvidal took the defeat against Colby Covington very hard. The two have gone back and forth for months with plenty of ‘below the belt’ remarks exchanged along the way. When it came to it, Covington even cheated left and right in order to get the W.

Regardless of the fact that Covington was a favorite and that Masvidal used to compete as a light weight he was inconsolable after. A video released online showcases Masvidal surrounded by his team including ATT coach Mike Brown and his manager Kawa trying to boost the atmosphere in the locker room.

Out of everything that happened – what stuck with Masvidal was that eyepoke attempt.
Masvidal was quick to point out the repercussions of the poke on his social media.

“Almost took eyes out but all good u cheating f–k see u soon”

Covington fans were quick to slam Masvidal for the accusation.

Regardless of how the fans feel – the fact is that Herb Dean acknowledged the eye poke in the beginning of Round 2 and gave Colby a stern warning.

Masvidal criticized Dean for his approach after the fight saying:

“Me and Herb Dean don’t have a clean record as it is. You know, we have had a couple of mishaps in the past and he’s not my cup of tea when it comes to refereeing.”

“There was also a low blow as well. I don’t know. Colby has always been a dirty fighter but I’m not gonna rely on that,” said Masvidal during the presser.

Masvidal has been trying to spin this defeat – the 37 year old star changed his social media pictures to the picture of a strike that got Covington down.

Convington was humorous in his take on the now infamous strike saying:

“I wasn’t dropped, I just took a knee for the first responders”. Colby told the media after the fight.