(Video) Martial artist sets new world record for fastest gun disarm

An incredible video has gone viral showcasing a record-breaking achievement as a martial artist successfully executed the fastest gun disarm in the world.

It is crucial to emphasize that attempting such a maneuver at home or in a threatening situation is highly discouraged. Only seasoned martial artists with a thorough understanding of safety protocols should consider performing such advanced techniques.

Victor Marx is a highly accomplished martial artist. He currently holds the title for the quickest disarm on record. In a mind-boggling display of skill, Marx swiftly neutralizes the threat by disarming his opponent and expertly emptying the magazine in a mere 0.8 seconds.

In one particular sequence captured on video, Victor Marx effortlessly disarms not just one but two individuals simultaneously. Reacting with lightning-fast reflexes, he promptly seizes the weapon held in front of him while grappling with an individual from behind.

RecordSetter.com has established specific guidelines that determine the validity of a gun disarm record. These rules are designed to ensure consistency and fairness in assessing such feats.

The Use of Fake or Replica Guns: To qualify as a legitimate record, the disarm attempt must employ a fake or replica gun, ensuring the safety of all parties involved.

Starting Hand Position: The attempt must commence with the hands positioned at waist level. Participants are not permitted to assume on-guard positions or conceal their hands behind their head, maintaining a fair and standardized starting point.

Replica Gun: The replica firearm must be aimed directly at the face of the armed person.

The timer commences when the record setter assumes control of the armed person’s gun. The timer concludes when the record setter successfully directs the replica firearm towards the initially armed person.

Also, filming the entire disarm sequence is mandatory to validate the achievement and provide visual evidence for documentation purposes.

By complying with these guidelines, participants guarantee the integrity and authenticity of their record-breaking gun disarms.

Victor Marx’s extraordinary accomplishment in the realm of martial arts comes as no surprise, considering his impressive background. He holds a 7th degree black belt in Keichu-Do and jiu-jitsu.