(Video) Luke Rockhold TKO’s Joe Schilling calls out UFC vet Lyoto Machida

Former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold made a great entrance into the KARATE COMBAT arena at KC45 in Dubai. He showcased his skills by stopping Joe Schilling in a dominant performance. Rockhold’s victory not only marked his successful debut with the promotion but also reignited his call for a rematch with another former UFC champ, Lyoto Machida.

Both Rockhold and Schilling made their debut at the KARATE COMBAT 45 event. The first round began with both competitors landing kicks immediately, with Rockhold attempting more takedowns.

As the bout progressed, Schilling maintained pressure and gradually increased his offensive output in the second round. With a right punch he managed to smash Rockhold’s nose, leaving the former UFC champion to spill blood.

Entering the third round, Schilling continued his aggressive approach and relied heavily on his striking. Rockhold seized the opportunity and delivered a strong right hand, sending Schilling to the canvas. With ground and pound, Rockhold sealed his victory and established his dominance in the pit.

After his UFC career and lone BKFC participation, Rockhold is back in the winner’s circle. It’s possible that Rockhold has found a new home under KC.

With the win secured, Rockhold wasted no time in addressing his next challenger. Turning to the microphone, he issued a direct challenge to Lyoto Machida and expressed his eagerness to settle the score in the pit.

Rockhold stated: “There’s only one man I want to fight in this pit, and it’s Lyoto Machida. And you’re lucky because they don’t allow elbows. So no more f**king nightmares about the elbows. Bring it. Let’s see what you got.”

Rockhold faced Machida at the UFC on FOX 15 back in 2015. During their match, Rockhold successfully applied a rear-naked choke in the second round. It was a championship eliminator match that led Luke to compete against Chris Weidman for the UFC 185-pound title.