(Video) Logan Paul impersonator gets destroyed in pro boxing debut

In the harsh spotlight of Saturday’s Misfits Boxing event in the UK, ‘fake Logan Paul’ Rodney Petersen found himself at the receiving end of a crushing defeat that might signal the need to reconsider his boxing career.

Rodney Petersen is widely recognized as ‘Not Logan Paul’ due to his uncanny resemblance to the social media sensation. It was his interaction with Nate Diaz in a Bourbon Street brawl last April that brought him to the attention of MMA enthusiasts. In a memorable and comical encounter, Petersen found himself effortlessly choked out by the former UFC star.

As per sources, “At or about 2:10am on Saturday April 22- NOPD’s Bourbon Street. Promenade officers and supervisors were alerted to a large altercation in the 400 block of Bourbon St. The officers were able to disperse the crowd. Witness alerted the officers to a white male subject who was believed to be unconscious. A short time later, the subject regained consciousness. Officers observed the subject was bleeding from the rear of his head and EMS was summoned to render aid”

Diaz was charged with second-degree battery for what he did to Rodney Peterson, who was rendered unconscious during the altercation.

Peterson made his professional debut at MF & DAZN X Series 12 in Leeds, England. He competed against Tristan Hamm, only to be left battered and humiliated in the first round.

Seizing the opportunity, Hamm unleashed a barrage of strikes that left Petersen across the ropes. The turning point came when Hamm delivered a vicious right hand, followed by a brutal uppercut that sent Petersen down for the count.

For Petersen, this defeat echoed a familiar sentiment from his amateur days. During that time, he endured six consecutive losses with five of them ending in knockouts.

With this repeated pattern of defeats, perhaps it’s time for promotions to reassess booking Peterson before he risks sustaining permanent damage to his well-being. As we witness his struggles in the ring, the question arises — should the fake Logan Paul continue down this path?