(Video) Logan Paul challenges Bradley Martyn to a sparring session after Nate Diaz street fight talk

Logan Paul is not pleased with Bradley Martyn’s questioning of Nate Diaz and has responded by promising to humble the fitness influencer in a sparring session.

The controversy arose when Martyn interviewed Diaz on his Raw Talks podcast, covering topics ranging from the UFC star’s life to his upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul. During the conversation, Martyn cheekily asked Diaz if he believed he could defeat the bodybuilder on the street, to which Diaz confidently answered in the affirmative.

Reacting to Martyn’s bold inquiry, Logan Paul expressed his discontent and accused the fitness influencer of seeking attention with his remarks. On an episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul addressed Martyn’s comments, stating:

“I have to say something about Bradley. I think you’re becoming lame. You seem like someone who’s just searching for clicks. You had Nate Diaz, who’s fighting my brother on August 5, on your podcast. In the same breath, you say, ‘I’m cool with Jake. I like Jake. I just hope you beat his ass.’ Why say that?” He continued:

“And the way you talk about street fighting Nate… Bro, you’re not going to beat Nate Diaz in a street fight… Bradley, you need to be humbled… I will invite you to Puerto Rico to spar with me and be humbled… I will f**king humble your a.”

Logan Paul’s intention to humble Bradley Martyn received attention, and UFC bantamweight.

O’Malley shared his perspective on whether Martyn, with his size advantage, could beat Diaz in such a situation. However, he acknowledged that the only way to know for sure would be through a cage with rules, as the circumstances can drastically affect the outcome.

While the tension between Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn continues, the focus remains on the upcoming boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul, set to take place on August 5. As fans speculate about the outcome of the street fight discussion, the sparring session invitation by Logan Paul adds another intriguing layer to the ongoing narrative.