(Video) Logan Paul and Ricochet trade punches in intense backstage clip

WWE star Logan Paul found himself in the midst of a genuine incident with fellow wrestler Ricochet following their electrifying performance at WWE Money in The Bank. The backstage scrap between the two rivals unfolded after their high-stakes encounter, leaving fans astounded by the intensity of the confrontation.

Logan Paul’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From his beginnings as a television personality and YouTuber to his venture into the world of boxing, he has now embarked on a successful career as a WWE star. Since joining the wrestling federation in 2021, the 28-year-old has been making waves as a professional wrestler, building rivalries with fellow athletes, including Ricochet.

During a gripping episode of ‘Raw’ in 2023, Paul found himself pitted against Ricochet in a ladder match as part of the men’s ‘Money in the Bank’ event. Both competitors engaged in a heated battle, vying to retrieve the coveted money case suspended above the ring. Despite their valiant efforts, neither Paul nor Ricochet emerged victorious, as Ricochet executed a remarkable Spanish Fly move that sent both wrestlers crashing out of the ring, rendering them incapacitated. The coveted money eluded their grasp, intensifying their existing rivalry.

The animosity between Paul and Ricochet spilled over into an unexpected physical altercation backstage following their eventful performance. Tempers flared, and the two adversaries exchanged heavy blows, still clad in their WWE costumes. Fortunately, WWE staff swiftly intervened, managing to quell the brawl and separate the combatants, who continued to exchange heated words.

It is widely known that WWE matches are predetermined and follow scripted storylines, underscoring the entertainment nature of the sport. However, the ferocity exhibited by Paul and Ricochet during their backstage brawl has left fans questioning the authenticity of the altercation.

Many spectators are convinced that the punches exchanged between the two wrestlers were genuine, blurring the lines between scripted drama and reality.

The viral clip capturing their explosive brawl swiftly circulated on social media platforms, sparking fervent discussions among fans. Numerous individuals expressed their astonishment at the apparent authenticity of the altercation, with comments such as:

“I can’t believe how real that looked.”

“Wow, that was intense! I thought it was genuine.”

“Props to both of them for making it seem so real.”