(Video) Kickboxer vomits in the ring before ref steps in to halt action

A Thai kickboxer pulled a dramatic comeback after getting dominated. He even made his opponent vomit in the ring.

Combat sports fans love to see successful comebacks in the arena. Be it mixed martial arts, boxing, or kickboxing, it’s always great to witness an athlete overcoming adversity. It’s also kind of strange seeing someone look very vulnerable and turn into a total beast. The emotion we feel when we see these real comebacks is incomparable to movies.

In a recent kickboxing match in Thailand, an athlete turned the tide and successfully defeated his opponent after a hard match. Professional kickboxer named Praewpraw took on Dokmaipa in a kickboxing event on Thursday, April 20.

Since the first second of the first round, Dokmaipa was highly dominated Praewpraw. It really looked like he gained full control of the action in the first and second round. Dokmaipa landed a lot of vicious kicks and punches while Praewpraw was pretty helpless.

But, the action continued to the third round. A few seconds in, Praewpraw found an opening and exploited it beautifully. When Dokmapila threw a right hand, he evaded and returned the favor with a quick left hand that connected right on Dokmaipa’s jaw.

It wasn’t hard enough, but Dokmaipa started losing balance. Praewpraw took this opportunity to deliver a barrage attack. He landed punches, kicks, and knees all aimed on Dokmaipa’s head. Each strike weakened Dokmaipa to the point that he couldn’t defend himself anymore, having only been able to curl in the corner.

Not just that, Dokmaipa event vomited inside the ring while Praewpraw was still attacking him. The referee was a bit late to halt the match. Only after seeing Dokmaipa vomitting, the referee broke the action. He checked on Dokmaipa and decided that he wasn’t able to continue. Praewpraw was then announced as the winner