(Video) Jorge Masvidal’s savage and comedic two-word descriptions of every UFC star

Jorge Masvidal is back in the spotlight as he prepares for his upcoming bout against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. As a veteran of the sport, with a record of 35-16, he’s making the most of promoting his main card-status. However, he’s also been making headlines with his no-holds-barred comments about some of his fellow UFC stars.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Masvidal didn’t hold back on his thoughts about some of the biggest names in the sport. Here’s a rundown of his most notable comments:

Conor McGregor – “Salesman” Masvidal had some choice words for the notorious Conor McGregor, referring to him as a “salesman.” While the Irish star is undoubtedly a top draw in the UFC, Masvidal clearly doesn’t hold him in high regard.

Colby Covington – “Cop-calling cupcake-eating a** btch” Masvidal didn’t mince his words when it came to his former friend and training partner, Colby Covington. He referred to him as a “cop-calling cupcake-eating a** btch” and questioned how he could claim to be the “king of Miami” with a restraining order against him.

Dustin Poirier – “Stud” Masvidal was more complimentary when it came to fellow star Dustin Poirier, describing him as a “stud.” Poirier is known for his toughness and heart in the Octagon, and Masvidal clearly respects him as a man.

Kamaru Usman – “Gotten better” Masvidal had a brief comment on current welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, simply saying that he’s “gotten better.” Usman defeated Masvidal in their previous matchup at UFC 251, so it’s clear that Masvidal has respect for his opponent’s skills.

Ben Askren – “Boring” Masvidal’s comments about Ben Askren may not come as a surprise to anyone who saw their infamous fight at UFC 239. Masvidal referred to Askren as “boring,” and it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the two stars.

Khamzat Chimaev – “Pssy” Masvidal’s comment about Khamzat Chimaev was perhaps the most inflammatory. He simply referred to the up-and-coming star as a “pssy.” It’s unclear what prompted this comment, but it’s clear that Masvidal doesn’t see Chimaev as a worthy opponent.

In addition to his comments about other stars, Masvidal has also been making waves with his behavior outside of the Octagon. He recently got into a heated altercation with Kevin Holland in a hotel, further proving that he’s not afraid to speak his mind or back down from a scrap.