(Video) John Gotti gets DQed against Mayweather, acts out, creating a mass brawl and a riot at the venue

Floyd Mayweather’s latest exhibition bout took an unexpected turn on Sunday night, descending into chaos and mass scraps as his opponent, John Gotti III, ignited a mass brawl by disregarding the referee’s call and continuing to throw punches.

Although Mayweather officially retired from professional boxing in 2017 with a flawless 50-0 record after defeating Conor McGregor, he has since engaged in a series of high-profile exhibition matches.

However, the most recent encounter in Florida on Sunday night resembled more of a WWE Royal Rumble than a boxing spectacle, with the arena engulfed in turmoil during the sixth round.

In the initial stages of the bout, Mayweather effortlessly dominated Gotti III, the grandson of a notorious mob boss from the Gambino crime family. Displaying his superiority, Mayweather taunted his opponent while delivering a flurry of blows. Gotti III, a 30-year-old MMA professional, offered little resistance and was described by one journalist as “helpless.”

The referee intervened and stopped the bout in the middle of the sixth round, attempting to maintain order after speaking with Gotti III’s corner during the breaks. However, this decision sparked a chaotic chain of events as Gotti III broke past referee Kenny Bayless, persistently launching punches at Mayweather.

Mayweather, not one to back down, defended himself by blocking and counterattacking, landing a left hook on the top of Gotti III’s head, forcing him backward across the ring. The situation escalated as members from both teams entered the ring, resulting in a mass brawl involving nearly 50 individuals.

As chaos unfolded, Mayweather positioned himself on the ropes, observing the scene while numerous people pushed and shoved in all directions. The mayhem extended beyond the ring, with additional altercations breaking out throughout the arena.

Among the notable incidents, Puerto Rican reality TV personality Joseline Hernandez, also known as ‘The Puerto Rican Princess,’ was captured on video putting another woman in a headlock. After a prolonged period, she released her grip but continued to engage in a heated argument with her adversary.

Meanwhile, another incident erupted between two men throwing punches at each other, with a third person joining the fray, delivering knees and more blows. The unprecedented level of violence marked this exhibition event as one of the most chaotic in Mayweather’s history.

Undisputed middleweight champion Claressa Shields, present at ringside, captured some of the bedlam on her camera, exclaiming, “what the f***, man!” as punches were exchanged between Mayweather’s and Gotti III’s teams.

Shortly after the brawl subsided, Nicolette, John Gotti III’s sister, took to Instagram, posting a statement that included a threat against Mayweather’s daughter. She expressed her determination to seek retribution, emphasizing that the feud between her brother and the boxing superstar is far from over.

Mayweather has participated in a series of exhibition bouts over the past five years, including encounters with YouTube stars Logan Paul and Deji. These non-competitive matches, often devoid of official scoring, have contributed to their perception as light-hearted spectacles rather than serious sporting events.

While Mayweather appeared to be enjoying himself during Sunday night’s bout, the atmosphere quickly soured when the referee halted the contest, leading to a disturbing displays both inside and outside the ring.