(Video) Joe Rogan tries to blast Elon Musk’s cybertruck with compound bow

It seems that the popular The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast is gearing up for a return of tech mogul Elon Musk.

The news was confirmed when podcast host Joe Rogan posted a photo on Instagram showing him shooting an arrow at Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck, seemingly to test the vehicle’s robust exoskeleton exterior. In his caption, Rogan mentioned, “Turns out a @teslamotors cyber truck is arrow proof too. Podcast with the big guy drops today.”

Tesla has been diligently working on its highly anticipated all-electric pickup, the Cybertruck, set to hit the market later this year. This innovative model fuses futuristic design with cutting-edge features, aiming to blend the practicality of a truck with the high-performance attributes of a sports car. Tesla’s claims for the Cybertruck include an indestructible exterior, bulletproof glass, and advanced self-driving capabilities.

Elon Musk’s upcoming appearance on Joe Rogan’s Spotify podcast marks his fourth visit to the show, following interactions in September 2018, May 2020, and February 2021. These encounters have consistently garnered immense adoration and viewership, making their episodes some of the most beloved in JRE’s history.

During Musk’s first appearance in 2018, he made headlines by taking a puff of a joint during a discussion about Tesla and the challenges of running the company. This sparked criticism from Tesla employees, and he even claimed to have undergone “random” drug tests to disprove any addiction allegations.

In 2020, Musk delved into the topic of Neuralink during his second appearance, a company dedicated to developing brain-computer interfaces to integrate humans with AI through brain-implanted processors. However, the company faced controversy related to ethical concerns about animal testing.

In his third appearance in 2021, the discussion shifted to SpaceX and the memorable mishap involving the Cybertruck’s window.

Joe Rogan’s arrow stunt on the Cybertruck has ignited a wide range of humorous and entertaining responses from fans on social media, demonstrating the widespread interest in this upcoming podcast episode.