(Video) Joe Rogan gloats as UFC 297 audience chants “F*** Trudeau”

In a spectacular showcase of talent and adrenaline, UFC 297 made its mark in Toronto, Canada this year. The fervent Canadian fans rallied behind the event, passionately supporting their favorite combatants. The Scotiabank Arena crackled with energy, creating an electric atmosphere that resonated with the excitement of the night.

However, the celebration took an unexpected turn when a section of the crowd ignited a political chant directed against Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This unexpected expression of dissent became a focal point, shaping the narrative of the event.

Even UFC color commentator Joe Rogan aligned himself with the crowd’s sentiments, taking a stance on Trudeau.

Rogan not only acknowledged the chants but also shared his personal opposition to Justin Trudeau. He advocated for a return to the Canada of yesteryears and endorsed another political figure, Pierre Oliver.

Rogan conveyed: “F*ck Trudeau! Yeah. Canada get your sh** together. Come back. Come back to what you used to be. That Pierre Oliver guy. That guy makes sense”

Known for his unreserved expression of opinions, Joe Rogan did not shy away from critiquing the current Canadian leadership. Earlier in the week, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland echoed similar sentiments. The crowd reignited their vocal displeasure with Justin Trudeau, punctuating the event with resounding ‘f**k Trudeau’ chants.

While the encouragement of political discourse is integral to a thriving democracy, intertwining it with sports events remains a contentious choice. But the UFC 297 crowd disregarded the potential consequences, using the platform to vent their frustration with the current government.

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring Canadian fitness entrepreneur Derek, Rogan expanded on his discontent with the Canadian government. He revealed his prolonged avoidance of travelling to Canada, citing disagreements with Justin Trudeau’s governance style.

Rogan passionately recounted instances when he vehemently opposed Trudeau, particularly referencing the trucker rally incident and the perceived erosion of free speech through censorship.

He stated: “I don’t go up there anymore. What they’ve done up there, what they did with the trucker rally and what Trudeau is doing with guns and what they’re trying to clamp down on censorship on the Internet. That guy can eat s***… They’re sliding down that dangerous road of communism.”

Surprisingly, many Canadian citizens echoed Joe Rogan’s sentiments on social media platforms. Rogan’s unwavering commitment to speaking out against perceived injustices and governmental actions resonated with a large audience. Despite potential political pressures, he continues to stand up for the people.