Boxing fans blame Devin Haney loss on unconventional choice of footwear

In an odd turn of events, boxing fans are attributing Devin Haney’s recent loss to an unexpected culprit: his shoes. The boxer was spotted with footwear, which included socks with Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald’s logos, but featured no ankle support prompting many to believe it ultimately led to his defeat.

Haney’s unorthodox choice of footwear, which resembled Balenciaga socks and were reportedly purchased from the Dollar Tree, has raised eyebrows among boxing fans and pundits alike. Critics are questioning whether the boxer’s fashion statement was a misguided attempt to make a bold statement or simply a lapse in judgment.

When asked about his decision to wear the eye-catching shoes, fans expressed suspicions that they were too heavy, which limited his mobility and ability to dodge his opponent’s shots. However, many are skeptical of this excuse, with some arguing that a professional athlete should be able to adapt to such minor setbacks.

“You want to claim that this is the reason you lost? Because you decided to come in fashion wear and try to be cool, and you ended up getting dropped in your socks?” one internet commentator asked, incredulous. “You’re going to use your clothes as an excuse? That’s your fault, my boy.”

Haney’s choice has sparked a heated debate among boxing enthusiasts, with some defending the boxer’s right to express himself through his attire, while others believe that his unconventional footwear choice was a distraction that affected his performance.

“It’s not about the shoes, it’s about being professional,” argued one fan. “If you’re going to step into the ring, you need to be focused on the task at hand, not trying to make a fashion statement.”

Haney’s response to the criticism has only added fuel to the fire, with the boxer suggesting that he might show up to his next fight in his underwear to prove a point.

Meanwhile Haney blamed the loss on Garcia failing to make weight and therefor walking with 3 pound advantage.

As the controversy continues to swirl around Haney’s footwear fiasco, one thing is clear: a boxer’s attire should never compromise their performance in the ring.