(Video) Jake Matthews’ Mosque Wrestling Sparring Goes Viral: MMA Star Engages in Friendly Grappling

The online world erupted as MMA sensation Jake Matthews gained viral attention for his impromptu wrestling sparring session inside a mosque. Captured on social media, the footage showcases Matthews engaging in friendly grappling bouts against multiple opponents, captivating onlookers.

Hailing from Australia, Jake Matthews has carved a formidable reputation in the realm of mixed martial arts. With a professional career spanning back to 2012, Matthews secured his spot in the UFC welterweight division since 2014, demonstrating resilience and skill against notable adversaries such as Li Jingliang, Kevin Lee, and Diego Sanchez.


Amassing a record of 19 victories and 7 defeats, Matthews remains a prominent figure in the MMA arena, with his latest appearance in UFC Vegas 82 in November.

In a surprising turn of events early last year, Matthews announced his conversion to Islam, shedding light on his spiritual journey aligning with the teachings and values of the religion. Despite the unforeseen revelation, Matthews confessed to resonating with Islamic principles for years, having cultivated a Muslim lifestyle even prior to formally embracing the faith.

A recent viral video showcased Matthews embracing his Muslim faith while indulging in recreational pursuits. Clad in traditional Muslim attire amidst fellow worshippers, Matthews found himself amidst a group willing to put their grappling skills to the test. Seizing the opportunity, ‘The Celtic Kid’ engaged in one-on-one sparring sessions with eager participants inside the mosque premises.

The footage captures Matthews showcasing his prowess on the mat, swiftly maneuvering and dominating his initial opponent with a suloev stretch submission. However, as the sparring sessions progressed, Matthews faced escalating challenges, eventually succumbing to a rear-naked choke from one of his counterparts, demonstrating humility and sportsmanship amidst the friendly competition.

Witnesses to the spectacle reveled in the camaraderie and skill on display, with spectators encircling the sparring participants, cheering and applauding each impressive maneuver.