(Video) Jake and Logan Paul mock Nate Diaz with a hilarious ‘self-defense’ demonstration

YouTube sensation turned professional boxer Jake Paul has taken a humorous jab at Nate Diaz following his run in with a Logan Paul lookalike in New Orleans.

Diaz, who was attending Misfits Boxing 6 to support teammate Chris Avila, ended up guillotining him and was later seen hurling water bottles at Chase DeMoor.

In response to the viral incident, Jake posted a skit video that features his father and older brother, Logan. The video shows Jake introducing fans to his self-defense class and jokingly explaining what to do if confronted by a “homeless Stockton” man in the middle of the streets.

Jake Paul, who is scheduled to face Diaz in a boxing match in August, used the opportunity to make light of the situation with his skit. In the video, he demonstrates the submission Diaz locked on his victim before pulling out a “safety snorkel,” which Logan applies before running away.

The video has garnered a lot of attention on social media, with many users finding it amusing. However, it remains to be seen how Diaz will respond to Jake’s latest antics.

Diaz’s incident with the Logan Paul lookalike has caused quite a stir on social media, with UFC president Dana White and Conor McGregor also reacting to the scenes.

In a video captured on a phone, White can be heard exclaiming, “WHAT? He just kneed him to the stomach? Is that Logan Paul? He knocked him out. Whoever that is, he knocked him out!”

“He’s way too skinny – Logan Paul is a big motherf***er.”

McGregor also took to Twitter to react to the incident, posting a series of tweets in support of Diaz.

Jake Paul’s humorous response to Nate Diaz’s viral incident is a prime example of his ability to stay in the public eye. While it remains to be seen how Diaz will react to Jake’s latest skit, it’s clear that both are determined to keep the hype going ahead of their highly anticipated boxing match in August.